Educational game for children suffering from type 1 diabetes and for those who want to learn

For mobile phones and tablets with OS Android

from version 4.1, download free in Google Play

For touch screens

We are preparing iOS version

You can choose who you will care about

Emma or Adam? Both have type 1 diabetes.


1. The game shows early signs of diabetes

At the beginning of the game, the kid drinks, goes to toilet and is tired very often. Mother of the kid is suspicious and decides to go to the hospital, where they find out that the kid has a type 1 diabetes.


2. A player learns the relation between food, insulin and physical activity

A symbol signalizing increase of blood glucose levels will appear next to the kid after each meal. Similarly, a symbol next to the kid signalizing decrease of blood glucose is displayed after administration of insulin. 


3. Game visualizes how to perform blood glucose measurements

There is no indication of current blood glucose level in the game. Level of blood glucose can be estimated by the mood of the kid, but the exact value can be inspected by measurement only. At the end of the measurement, the player learns the meaning of the measured value and how he should react to it. Virtual measurement is just as real. The player learns to deal with lancet and glucose meter. As in reality even here the individual components wear over time and must be replaced. New lancets and test strips can be bought using collected coins in the virtual store.


4. Game demonstrates the application of insulin

The player is motivated to acquire habits such as eliminating the first streams of insulin prior to its application. The application will advice appropriate dose of the insuline at the begining. Over time, the game will advise less and the player will have to determine the dose itself. Before the main courses, the player administers short-acting inssuline. Additionally, the player needs to apply long-acting insulin before night. Administration is performed by an insulin pen and again, changing of the needle and insulin cartridge is required throughout a day.


5. The game teaches counting carb units of food

The players must feed a character by the food which is possible to buy in a virtual shop. A predetermined number of carbohydrate units that a kid should consume is aligned to each of six daily meals. The player's task is to pick correct combination of offered food, so it fulfils the specified number of carbs units.


6. The game shows signs of hypo / hyperglycemia

In the case a kid is close to hypoglycemia, player will easily observe that by the character's symptomps - character is sad and not able to stand on his feet. Alternatively, the kid will frown during hyperglycemia. In both cases, a hint will appear next to the kid. First, the kid will require a player to measure his blood glucose. A visual guide will appear at the end of the measurement. In case of hypoglycemia, the player is advised to get carbohydrates or glucagon. In case of hyperglycemia the player is recomended to take insulin or practise sport. 


7. The game motivates for sport activities

The character wants to do a regular exercise (character can become a role model for kids). For the purpose of motivating players to exercise more, each time a physical activity is determined by a Fitbit fitness bracelet, the player gets bonus coins. This bracelet is connected to the game and for every two steps a player makes, a coin is added into player's virtual wallet.


8. The game explains the nature of the disease

The game contains a cartoon which describes onset of diabetes in a playful way. The cartoon, inspired by the movie series Once Upon a Time, explains what is happening inside of the kid's body. 


9. The purpuse of the game is not only educational, but also fun

The game contains a lot of bonus material that unlocks up to a certain level and can be bought using virtual coins. It also includes minigames that serve to complement the knowledge about diabetes and for relaxation. The game includes a virtual store where the player might buy clothes to adjust his own image, or change gender of the character. In next shop the player can buy a new furniture, but there are also shops for daily needs like grocery store, and shop with diabetic needs.


10. The Game is free and without ads

The game is implemented for mobile phones and tablets running Android OS version 4.1, which now owns millions of people. The game is accessible for free at the Google Play store. We are planning to release the version for iOS.

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