Using a glucometer

The game uses a model of a glucometer and a sampling pen based on real products and is intended to demonstrate how they may work. However, each real product can be different with
a specific use and procedure. It is always necessary to act in agreement with the doctor.

Before measuring blood glucose using glucometer it is necessary to wash and dry your hands. Dirt, grease and moisture can affect the result of measurement. While sampling the blood it is necessary to keep the needle of the sampling pen clean.

First you change the disposable needle from the sampling pen. Then you can set the depth of the puncture and set the pen to the standby mode. Next you place the pen to the chosen place, usually tips of fingers, and press the button. A drop of blood should appear.

Next you insert the test strip into to glucometer which should turn on by itself. After putting the blood drop onto the test strip the glucometer should display the result.

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