Using a insulin pen

The insulin pen model, which is used in the game, is based on real products to demonstrate how insulin pen works. However, each real product can be different with a specific use and procedure. It is always necessary to act in agreement with the doctor.

There should be no larger blood vessels at the injection area of insulin. It should not be used in red or painful areas. It is a good idea to change the injection area. The rate of absorption depends on position. It is absorbed quickest on the abdomen, then on the arms and thighs and the slowest on the buttocks. It is suitable to apply insulin into fast places before meal.

The procedure is as following: put the needle together with the pen cap on the insulin pen. Then remove the outer and inner caps from the needle. Then the correct insulin unit must be set on the insulin pen. It is set by turning in the lower part of the pen on the dose selector. The set value is displayed on the dose counter. Then the button on the end of the pen must be pressed in order to check the patency of needle, a drop of insulin should appear at the tip of the needle.

A skin fold should be formed at the selected application area and the needle should be inserted at a 90 ° angle. After the injection, it is important to slowly press the button and pus hit for 5-10 seconds. The dose counter should display number 0.

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