Using an insulin pump

An insulin pump model based on real products is used in the game to demonstrate how an insulin pump work. In reality, it is necessary to consult its use by a doctor.

Insulin pump enables long-term and continuous insulin administration using subcutaneous cannula. Its biggest advantage is much better imitation of the insulin production of a healthy pancreas. Usually throughout whole day it applies small amounts of insulin as basal dose. Users themselves must administer bolus doses before eating to compensate blood glucose rise.

Insulin pump is composed of three parts:
1) pump - a device which controls all functions and displays current state
2) reservoir - it contains the supply of insulin for infusion
3) infusion set - plastic tube with a cannula which is implanted into the subcutaneous. It administers insulin from the reservoir into the body.

Before the application, it is necessary to wash your hands a disinfect chosen location for the pump. Application itself is mostly done by an applicator - a mechanism which implants the infusion set into the subcutaneous.

Firstly you must connect infusion set with the reservoir. Then you start to release insulin from reservoir until you can is it flowing from the infusion set. Doing that verifies throughput of the tubes and removes air from them.

Now you can put infusion set inside of the applicator and implant at chosen location. In the end it is advisable to secure it be a patch so it wouldn't fall out.

While carrying the insulin pump, it is necessary to be very careful. Infusion set can fall out or tubes from reservoir to infusion set can disconnect.

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