Using a CGM sensor

The game uses a CGM sensor model based on real products to demonstrate how such sensor works. In reality, it is necessary to consult its use with a doctor.

CGM sensor enables long-term a frequent measuring of glucose levels and gives much more complex information about glucose levels. User can, apart from actual values, monitor for example trends of glucose levels. That enables him to better predict hypo or hyperglycemia. It is also necessary for high insulin pump functions, for example interruption of insulin dosage while
in danger of hypoglycemia.

Data from the sensor are displayed using either a special reader or can be periodically sent to mobile devices or server.

Sensor can run for as much as few days in a row but it is necessary to regularly calibrate using standard blood glucose measurement by glucometer. Another disadvantage could be its inaccuracy in the extremes (sever hypo and hyper glycemia). In critical moments it is necessary to verify measured values be glucometer.

Application of a new sensor is done be an applicator - a mechanism which by its own implants the sensor into the subcutaneous. Before the application it is necessary to wash your hands and disinfect chosen location in order to prevent infection. After the application it is suitable to secure the sensor with a patch so it wouldn't fall out.

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